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Post your current favorite song
Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I am like most afghan's obsessed with music but I feel like I can listen to almost anything no matter where it comes from as long as it sounds good to me..

So show your likes and dislikes by posting a link to your favorite song's link, or if you cant find your favorite song just write the title and some of it's lyrics. Or just post the last song you heard if you dont have a current favorite.

Here is my current fav song that I liked because of it's clash of genres. Enjoy and lets see what you guys have to offer... Remember if can be ANY SONG not only Afghan ones. What ever u feel like.

Sar Zamin
i like "real love" by massari
i like kal ho na ho
i love alot of songs.. i cant post all of it lol
i love dil ka rishta
I love only farhad darya's songs and Nasrat Parsa that is all and from indian all old songs i mean 1980s till 1990s

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