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Whats your best Disney movie?
Mines, if you havent guessed... The Little Mermaid, love the voice of Ariel and all the songs, love the story line and all the pepople are so purrrrrdy!

2nd is beauty and the beast - the picture in that film is amazing.

3rd is Aladin!

They dont make the Disney movies like they used to its all animated now days and its about cars or animals... what happend to all the princess love stories!!
i know i liked the old movies more then the new movies
thats nice janak
me too.... Smile
tashaker neelab jan Tongue
salam Neelab jani qand... thanks for sharing it janak
i love Aladin, Sinbad, Monks

these are the best Desniy i have seen dega lolz

thnx for sharing it with us

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