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everything happens for the best
sallam dostane aziz ba ehtramm and saad sallam....i have an anouncement to make.. last week i got engaged to my sweetheart sheila jan and inshallah will be geting merried in about a year or so.. this is the happiest time of my life and i wanted to share this with the good friends that i made in this dostane aziz plz pray for our happyness and inshalllah your all invited to the wedding if you canmake it plz do come... i hope we stay friends for ever have the time of our lifes here... one word of advice life passes by wayyy to quicklyplz dont wast anytime and EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR THE BEST!!... thankyou ur good friend Sameem Q...

PS: any gifts plz mail it right now cash preferd lol jksssss lol onlyy joking relaxx...
congrat qand.. i wish u guys to be happy for ever. i am really happy to hear this. you made my day Smile
salam jan mah khobastem ena wala jowan shode lol tabreek basha qand. kho khob dega sated teer ast Allah jan give all the happiness for u two. kho dega hali mah chura gift betem tu bayad bare mah shernesh ra bete ena cheqa khob hali az mah gift mekhaya lol jk ok dega wish the best Wink
hey man tabrik basha i pray for u guys to be happy all ur life but one thing i want to mention is that never invite me to ur happiness but please i insist that u invite me in ur bad time god forbed if u had any bad time i m here at ur service

once again tabrik, khoda jan joray hardoy tan ra salama dashta basha wa zindagi por az mehr brae hardoitan mekhaham

best wishes


Ali Reza

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