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please guys read this till the end
dear all salam

hope u all r doing very well and have nice time with ur families today i want to share something that is very important for every afghan who has a sense of humar so io wanted to share this with u
as most of u know that i m a student of KARDAN university and i m trying to study more for doing something for me and my country for this reason i was thinking to do something for my own people and then finally i decided to create an organization in which i can help my own people and for this reason i started an association in the name of (afghan help association) in which we collect blood from people and donate it to neeedy persons and beside blood donation we are planning to help poor people something to build their life for this purpose we are starting helping people in this help we dont give them cash but we start a business and then from the 100% profit we give them 70% and the rest 30% will come in the budget to have an apportunity to build some one else's life and for this reason today i wanted to ask u all guys that who ever is living in forgien countries they can help anything and i know that u have khairat and zadaqat and fiter and zakat and other things that u all are doing this as being muslims so guys if u all give even a peni our people will have a good life and the orphans who doesnt have anything they will have a life cause of u all so guys as a muslim and a human help ur own people and we give u full detail for every peni u pay for ur own people i have started this good work from my own and in this work i dont get anything but i pay most of my salary for my people cause i know what are the problems that they have so please guys help ur own people it doesnt matter how much even a peni given by u all will be able to save millions of lives in here so guys if any one of u all can help ur own people do it i know that u wont get any benifits from that money but u will get blessing of a muslim and that is what i m searching for so guy if anyone of u wanted to help ur people please contact me this is where i have hope that some one will help their own people and i m sure that at least one of u all will help and be with us in this good and humanitarian work

u may contact me in these numbers if u want to help it is not a must thing but it is a request from an afghan for their afghans who is in trouble right now


i hope that i wont be hopless from u all

i thank you all in advance for reading this till here

best regaurds


Ali Reza Sahabi
student 3rd year KARDAN university
nice blue jan chura ne har lase ki donate mekard baresh number ra metom Smile
thnx janak i want u all to help me in this work cause with this work u all can earn sawab alot and every one will remember ur names and one thing more who ever wants to help take a complete name address phone and email address and from our side u r the representative of afghanistan after wards so plz jan try more then best to gain some fund and yes who ever wants t obe a member of our welfare organization they are all welcome and we are waiting for them with open arms
ok jan y not i will try my best Smile
thank u janak i love u veryvery much cause u r my bestest friend and plz tell parigak and others too cause i know u have their email addresses with u so tell them to help and yes one thing more i will give u the email address of our organization so that u can send it to every one in this forum to take a look, maybe some of them will be able to help us and then u have to gain the fund cause i trust u more then my self janak
thnx for increasing my hope that there is some one to help their oun people
ok jan give me and i will tell them ok Smile
heyjanak i will give u the website address maybe after one or 2 weeks and then u can see everything and search there
ok i well
this is the web site address so please now if u were trying to collect fund 100% now u have to make it 200% i will be looking forward to hear good news from u all

this is the site address
so help your own people

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