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Bush is the worst President of USA in past 50 years
dear guys,

i hope that you have heard of the news about GW Bush as per the debate in the BBC Bush was announced as the worst President of the USA with in past 50 years. he cause lots of losses for USA and the countries in which it is the doubt of being roled by Taliban and he expended lots of money on this operation which was almost failed with out any results and during his presidential times he caused lots of troops from all over the world to lose their live and die for nothing. as per i got information Obama wants to send more 10000 troops into Afghanistan for the operation of Taliban and he promised that he will clean out Taliban and he will get Osama and other wanted people the soonest he can. he also said that he will serve Afghanistan in Rebuilding and he will develop Afghanistan's Economy more then ever he promised that he will prove him self as a good president for his nation and he will be proven a good friend to all world by fighting against terrorism

if you have any other news please guys post here and come online once a month at least in this one year i m the only member who comes online

i have seen some guests to come online and see th website but i havent seen any of our members to come online and post anything

i hope to see your replies the soonest you

waiting and waiting


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